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Designer, content writers for social networks

New York social media content designers are professionals who creates and designs various types of websites, such as blogs, landing pages and online stores. Their work is based on the use and mastery of several tools that lead to the complete creation of a website. Among these tools are the following: CMS or content management systems, such as WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop or Blogger. Visual editors or manipulators, such as Visual Composer, Elementor and Divi. Programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Unlike the web programmer profession, a designer uses the tools and platforms I just mentioned to create their designs. In contrast, a programmer develops unique websites using the various programming languages without using content management systems or scripts. Designer, content writers for social networks.

Working with a content writer is necessary if you want to plan a content marketing campaign to increase web traffic, drive more sales and improve your online reputation, among other goals. To successfully perform the role of digital and online content writer, you must have a strong background in the field of digital communication. This person must possess the necessary skills to produce high-quality information that is appropriate for digital formats. In addition, it is highly advisable that the site designer has knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as this is essential to position web pages in the best search engine results. At Click and Sell content company, we offer you the best services so that you can succeed with your content marketing strategy.

What is a content editor for?

It is very common to hear that anyone can be used to edit digital content. This may be true, but what matters most at the moment is that the content that is produced is of high quality and meets the necessary requirements for web positioning. And, unfortunately, not everyone is prepared for this.

The five skills that a good content writer should possess

As we mentioned above, not all writers are qualified to write web content, so in the following section we will list some of the fundamental skills that a good web writer should possess. However, although it may seem obvious, it is important to remember that anyone who writes content must do so clearly, accurately and with a deep understanding of the language in which they are writing. A digital content creator must also master graphic design tools, have knowledge of social networks and content distribution, and be able to analyze the results of the influence their work has.

 5 Skills

  • Have the ability to create online content on any topic, even if you are more adept at doing so on some specific topics or are highly qualified to do so.
  • To obtain images, videos, infographics and other materials that support the text, you must know how to use the right tools. This is essential, as nowadays all content is accompanied by an additional aspect. In addition, it is essential that the online editor has good selection criteria and that the element is well connected with the text when choosing an element.
  • Knowledge of SEO is important because it is essential for search engines to apply SEO criteria to content so that it appears among the first search results. This requires, among other things, knowing which keywords to choose, how to include them in the text, how to complete tags, how to describe images, etc.
  • Understanding how content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, etc. work. 
  • This is really significant as these are the platforms you will be working on and publishing the materials you produce from.

Content for SEO

Having knowledge of SEO is important because it is essential for search engines to apply SEO criteria to the contents so that they appear among the first search results. This requires, among other things, knowing which keywords to choose, how to include them in the text, how to complete the tags, how to describe the images, etc. Understanding how content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, etc. work. This is really significant as these are the platforms you will be working on and publishing the materials you produce from. Being unique, creative and stylish will help us differentiate ourselves from the competition and help our content to be successful and recognized.

Differences between a digital graphic designer and an editor

An online copywriter or content manager who regularly publishes content in digital media cannot be considered a graphic designer or a web developer because journalism and design are two distinct professions with different characteristics. Digital journalists and copywriters are capable of knowing a little bit of everything, but their areas of expertise are writing, interpretation and analysis. They should focus more on the content than on design of a digital media. Due to their daily stress and inexperience in the use of the tools, copywriters of digital portals occasionally publish mistakes because they are performing a series of tasks that correspond to digital graphic designersHowever, a web designer or graphic designer for the web is a professional who is not prepared to write or analyze. Function of digital graphic design graduates is to create and effectively communicate ideas and concepts through the proper handling of shapes and mathematical operations. 

These professionals are trained to:

  • Create instructional web pages and other digital media using animation techniques, interactive multimedia and digital photography.
  • Create messages using multi-literacy techniques and audiovisual narrative for traditional and digital media.
  • Plan advertising campaigns using knowledge of editorial design, typography, prepress, and digital news.
  • Using knowledge of design management, methodology, materials, graphic arts processes and printing systems, analyze the most practical options for each client.
  • Present projects in a professional manner with the proper use of flat and volumetric representation systems, with correctly developed models and mock-ups.
  • Coordinate integral projects for the creation of corporate images and seals.

Despite the differences in professional specialties, it will be more beneficial for digital media managers to hire a licensed graphic designer and teach their staff the fundamentals of web and graphic design so they can ensure the quality of their publications.   Visit our Instagram profile.

Our Services

Social Media Management

Maximize your reach and engagement on major social media platforms. We create customized strategies, generate engaging content and manage your profiles to increase your visibility and build a strong community.

Content writing

We tell persuasive and relevant stories for your brand. Our team of copywriters creates impactful, SEO-optimized content that captures the attention of your audience and improves your search engine rankings.

Logo and graphic identity creation

We create distinctive logos and a consistent visual identity that reflects your brand's personality. Our creative and strategic approach ensures that you stand out in a saturated market.

Instagram and Facebook ADS Campaigns

Maximize your advertising spend on the most popular platforms. Our expert digital advertising team creates strategic, targeted and captivating campaigns that increase your brand's visibility and generate measurable results.

Marketing Automation

We implement marketing automation tools and strategies to nurture and keep your prospects engaged throughout the sales funnel. This enables personalized and timely communication, driving loyalty and conversions.

Visual content

We create engaging and optimized visual content for your social media profiles. From stunning images to short, engaging videos, we help you maintain a strong presence on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

Services in New York


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